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Academic Resins

Blizzard Resin Award - Academic

Blizzard Resin Award - Academic

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The Blizzard series is a tall design composed of stacked stars and topped with a graduation cap and diploma.

Plates are available in a variety of metal colours, with single colour laser engraving or full colour digital printing.



Resin award and base
Metal plate


Height: 6"

Engraving Details

Includes 1 custom plate on base

Suggested Inscription

Trophies usually include some or all of the following:
- name of the event/competition
- year
- winner's name
- award title or position (ie: first, MVP, Best Performer)
- logo or graphic (this may incur an additional processing charge)
IE: Coaldale Annual Sunrise Run, 2022, Kate Bridges, 1st Place


To place an order, please reach out to our staff via the contact page, and include the names and quantity of the item(s) you would like to order.

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