Did you move recently?

We moved in the summer of 2021!

Our new location is #6 – 320 WT Hill Boulevard South, Lethbridge, Alberta.

How long does it take to have something engraved?

1-2 weeks, but we can usually rush your order if necessary.

Will you engrave an item that I purchased somewhere else?


How much does it cost to have something engraved?

It depends. The size, material and complexity of your item are all factors, as well as the complexity and size of your text or design. The more complex an engraving job is, the longer it takes us to set up, and the longer it takes for our machines to engrave it.

Can I get a medical alert from The Engravers?

Absolutely. We know medical alerts can save lives, and we do our best to engrave them as quickly as possible. We have several options here in-store to choose from, or you can bring in your own piece for us to engrave.

What trophies do you have in stock?

Our industry is component-based, meaning a lot of our items are custom-built out of different pieces. If you need something in a hurry, we will do our best to help you out with the components we have on hand.

What size plates/signs do you carry?

All our plates are cut to size, so we can create almost any size you need. However, due to the size of our machine, the largest size we can make is 24"x18".

Can you engrave on…

Aluminum, brass, or stainless steel? Yes

Silver, gold, rose gold, or platinum? Yes

Leather? Yes

Wood? Yes

Glass? Yes

Coated metal items, such as Yeti or Contigo mugs? Yes

Photo mats? Yes

Acrylic? Sometimes

Granite? Sometimes

Plated jewelry? Sometimes

Rock? No

Plastic? Only if it's our specially-formulated engraving plastic

*Please note that these are generalities.* Since every item is unique, we often need to see an item before we can say for certain whether it is engravable. Stop by the shop with your item and we’ll let you know!

Do you make...


Small-scale signage?

Name badges?

Door plates?


Corporate awards?



Yes to all of the above!

Do you carry...

Pewter banks?

Pewter plates?

Baptism, graduation, or wedding scrolls?

Pens and pen sets?


Crystal paperweights?

Business card holders?


Pet tags?

Travel mugs?

Yes to all of the above!

Do you carry frames?

Sorry, no, we don't, but we can often laser engrave into wood frames, or we can create a plate for it. Feel free to bring your frame in and we'll let you know what we can do!

Do you do embroidery, vinyl lettering, framing, or large-scale signage?

Sorry, no, but we’d be happy to direct you to one of our local friends who does!

What is the difference between diamond and laser engraving?

Diamond engraving cuts into the material with a diamond-tipped drill. It is generally used for jewelry, pewter items, medals, or yearly plates on trophies.

Laser engraving burns away layers of the material with a focused laser beam. It is generally used for signage, glass, acrylic, plated/coated metal, and wood. Our fibre laser works in a similar way, but works on some materials, like metal, that our other machine cannot.

What does a digital printer do?

Our digital printer has the ability to print in full colour on a variety of items. The ink is durable for indoor use and commonly used for logos on name badges, custom medals and trophies, photographs on memorial items, and book covers such as Bibles or notebooks.