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Metal Cups

Dundee Nickel Plated Brass Cup

Dundee Nickel Plated Brass Cup

Available in three sizes, this classic metal cup features an open top, vintage-style curved handles, and a layered pedestal, affixed to our Monument Base, an elegant wood laminate base in two finishes.

Nickle-plated brass on a wood laminate base.

Includes a custom engraved plate!


Plastic base
Nickle-plated brass cup
Metal plates



Engraving Details

Includes 1 custom engraved plate

Suggested Inscription

Trophies usually include some or all of the following:
- name of the event/competition
- year
- winner's name
- award title or position (ie: first, MVP, Best Performer)
- logo or graphic (this may incur an additional processing charge)
IE: Coaldale Annual Sunrise Run, 2022, Kate Bridges, 1st Place

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